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Alumni Speak


Dr Kailas Bhandarkar,
MCH, FRCSEd (paeds), FEBPS

"I had the extreme pleasure of working at the esteemed institution of Sushruth Jadhav
Kinderchirurgie’s Paediatric surgery center and post graduate institute, sangli Maharashtra,
I worked as a junior consultant in paediatric surgery and urology from 1/1/2016 till
31/1/2017. It was my good fortune to work with eminent paediatric surgeons- Dr Sudhakar
Jadhav, past president IAPS, Dr Dinesh Kittur, Dr Santosh Patil, Dr Ravindra Vora and most of
all, late Prof Ila Meshri. I also developed good rapport with our consultant anesthetist Dr
Patil and had the good fortune to interact with postgraduate students at various levels of
their training.
The workload was simply enormous as well as awesome. We ran theatres and clinics every
day 6 days a week. We had a well-equipped neonatal unit for surgical neonates. We
conducted regular teaching sessions within our department and also with the Deccan
association of paediatric surgical society. Formal and informal Teaching and training
activities were routinely performed, and trainees hugely benefited from this. We also did
multidisciplinary discussions and had support from radiologists, histopathologists and
neonatologists to run this center.
I will forever cherish my memories and my moments working with all my colleagues both
senior and junior, in this beautiful temple of children’s surgery."

dr shipra .jpeg

Dr Shipra Sharma,
Director Professor,
Medical superintendent, Academic incharge and consultant paediatric surgeon,
DK Superspeciality Hospital, Research Centre and PG institute,
Raipur, Chhattisgadh

"I joined the hospital as a post  MS student, and got best possible opportunity to learn every aspect of paediatric surgery, including operative work and academics,
there is a rich library which is available 24/7,
OT is well equipped with all instruments and gadgets, including laparoscopy,
NICU is very well equipped ,
i got opportunity to perform simple as well as complex paediatric surgical procedures under expert guidance of Dr S S Jadhav sir, Dr Vora sir, Dr Kittur sir, Dr Santosh Patil sir,
i got opportunity to present papers in many national and state level conferences,
Hospital has very good environment for the students to stay, staff is very cooperative and efficient."


Dr. Jui Mandke

DNB Paed Surgery

"I learnt pediatric surgery from a Master , an untiring compassionate pediatric surgeon, Dr. Sudhakar Jadhav. I completed my superspecialisaton of DNB  pediatric surgery at SJKC Trust hospital and PGI from 2007-2010. I look back at the time spent in Sangli with fondness. Encouragement came in all forms; in development of surgical skills , development of thought processes, in presenting papers at national forums and most of all, freedom of thought. The cohort of teachers , Dr. Sudhakar Jadhav, Dr. Ravindra Vora, Dr. Dinesh Kittur, Dr. Santosh Patil, Dr. Sanjeev Kaddu taught us about the various subspecialities of pediatric surgery which inculcated an holistic and complete approach to any difficult case.The sheer numbers of patients taught us practically what no book could teach. Amidst trips for DAPS meetings in wonderful places, mutton curry and bhakri, sugarcane juice and work, Idid not realize how three years passed . SJKC is a place where you find intense training to be a competent and practical pediatric surgeon and a humble human being and I’m glad that it is my alma mater."


Dr Varun Sarode

DNB Paed Surgery

Swara Paediatric Surgery & Urology Hospital

Jalgaon Maharashtra

It's a place of knowledge & bliss.

The friendly environment and systematic approach towards imparting education in this institute made me successful in life.

I owe to my teachers for their constant support during my entire training period in this institute.


Dr Amit Raut

DNB Paed Surgery

"It was a great working experience here. No words can describe about the experience we got here. We got to manage all variety of cases here. All the Mentors, staff and everyone from hospital is co-operative with humane touch, both towards working doctors and patients"


Dr Vibhu Sharma

DNB Paed Surgery

Senior Resident in GMC Gondia 


passport photo.jpg

Dr Kant Shah

DNB Paed Surgery

Borivali Health Care Centre Mumbai

"It was my honour and previlige to work at the Institute where advanced work was being done on a daily basis and the consultants had a keen interest in teaching and patient care. The doctors and staff were very humble and friendly and it has been a life lesson for me to train at the institute."


Dr Aamer Iqbal

DNB Paed Surgery

Senior Resident in Sasoon Hospital Pune

"A dedicated paediatric surgery hospital that combines excellent academics to residents and care to patients"


Dr Yogesh Tiwari

DNB Paed Surgery

Senior Resident in BJ Wadia Hospital Mumbai

"I am indebted to this institute and my HOD ,for helping realizing my dreams and achieving goals."

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